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Our Next Product provides the following benefits:
  • Increased The Brightness
  • Read Greens Better
  • Identify the Correct Break of Putts
  • Learn Speed of Putts to High Point
  • Get Ball Rolling on the Correct Line
Put 2.3

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“Research has proven that 85% of golf swing learning is visual.  The SQRDUP alignment tool does a better job giving feedback on your alignment than any tool I have used in my last 40 years of teaching.”

- Dr. Jim Suttie – 2000 National PGA Teacher of the Year

“The SQRDUP Training Aid helps groove your putts."

- Yahoo Sports

"The SQRDUP is a fun tool to make sure your alignment is close to perfect. It is one of our favorite training aids to help your game."

- Golf Digest

"SQRDUP is the #1 Laser Alignment Aid in our opinion. ...SQRDUP needs to be in your bag."

- Go Time Golf


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SQRDUP is Golf Digest Editors’ Choice for Best Training Aids, 2019, 2020 & 2021