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From putter to irons to driver, SQRDUP is the only golf alignment aid which teaches precision using a laser to help create the perfect line for your stroke.

SQRDUP is especially effective on the putting green, where it provides a fixed putting line which can easily be tracked by your eye and understood by golfers at all levels. Works on any putt, anywhere, any time.

If you’d like to learn more about how this amazing device came about, read on!

The Story Behind SQRDUP: “Someone Mowed The Fairways”

It was November 2007 when my youngest brother, Michael Bowman had a thought, “is it possible to create a simple to use, cross-hair laser golf alignment aid which can be seen outdoors?”  From that moment forward I have loved telling anyone who would listen about SQRDUP.  Bringing SQRDUP to market not only became my goal, at times it became an obsession.

How could I not be excited about the future of SQRDUP?

Dr. Jim Suttie gave SQRDUP a great endorsement, Arnold Palmer’s magazine Kingdom Golf placed SQRDUP in their gift section twice & we received kind gestures from many others including of course our kind & patient investors.

Of course, the road has not been easy, numerous times our situation seemed hopeless.

If you’re an entrepreneur, there is a good chance you have taken loans to keep moving forward, I am no different.  In 2013 after maxing out every credit card, personal loan & 401K loan, I was done and SQRDUP was finished.  I was leaving work to meet a bankruptcy attorney when I received a call from a gentleman I had spoken with 2 months earlier.  He called to tell me he was sending a check that day for overnight delivery.  When I asked him why he informed me as a Christian he had been praying that morning and God placed me on his heart.

Another time after a year of discussions a group of potential investors informed me they were re-evaluating their position, I was once again faced with the end.  Later that day I received funding from a previously unknown source.

There have also been great days when I would allow my thoughts to dwell on “what if”.  Imagine such scenarios as SQRDUP being used on the practice green or driving range at the Masters.  I have never had the privilege of attending the Masters, but I have heard it is an experience of a lifetime.  Immaculate greens and fairways mowed far better than any green I have ever put on.

As I contemplated telling the story of bringing SQRDUP to market I realized there is a more important story.  Just as a person instinctively understands someone has mowed the fairways so it should be when we look at this big blue ball that we call “Earth”.  With the sun just close enough to keep us warm, not crispy – cool, not frozen.  Except instead of a fleet of mowers and dedicated workers there is an Almighty God. Call me naïve but when I compare the story of creation to the story of a couple of molecules colliding in space and eventually becoming what we are and what we now have, I cannot reach any other conclusion than there is an Almighty God.  This very same God gave the world this promise to mankind in John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”.

Thank you for visiting our site and if we are fortunate enough to earn your hard earned dollars, I am TRULY humbled & FOREVER grateful.

Randy Bowman
Co-Founder & CEO

PS:  Next time you play a round of golf, remember – Someone Mowed the Fairways!