“SQRDUP is the #1 Laser Alignment Aid in our opinion. Whether you use it for putting, chipping, bunker shots, iron play, driver practice or the many other applications you discover with it, SQRDUP needs to be in your bag. A great value for the price!”

Go Time Golf

“The SQRDUP is a fun tool to make sure your alignment is close to perfect. It is one of our favorite training aids to help your game.”

Golf Digest

“The SQRDUP Training Aid helps groove your putts. For a lot of amateurs, poor alignment is a real bugaboo. Many of you might already practice with clubs or alignment sticks on the ground. The SQRDUP, an 8-ounce unit with an adjustable tripod, is a cool alternative. ”

Yahoo Sports

“We have found SQRDUP to be extremely effective with a number of Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf locations. We are currently using the product in Orlando and Hong Kong. Our staff continues to find new and innovative ways to incorporate the lasers into their instruction and training programs. Many times it is being used with a single student. Other times we will have it set up on the putting green and have 4 students working with it at the same time. From young kids to our junior elite players to adults, we are finding more and more uses for the technology. And it is easy to use, simple to charge, perfect. ”

— Ted Simons – Executive VP / COO of Nicklaus Academies

“Simple, lightweight & extremely functional!!
This has been a great use for players of touring professional level to club am’s and beginners!! Every skill level has adjusted visually to this product & it has successfully impacted and improved every skill level I’ve worked with to date!!
Easy to pack and travel with – so to help your eye in varying conditions in varying course types.
This is not just a product to improve solid fundamentals, but can be used to help visualize start points and lines on the greens as well as enhance your stroke inside – at home, office or hotel when traveling!! A must have product to aid all skill levels”

— Grant Price – Golf Instructor & Coach

“Used the sqrdup laser last week in Savannah and cant wait to keep using it in the future. It was so easy to move around on the green and saved so much time instead of having to put down chalk lines.
Also l have a tendency to shut my clubface at address and having the laser behind the ball helped greatly.
I came 6th and my fellow aussie Brett Colletta kept using it on the green and he came 3rd so l guess it works ok!!!”

— Cameron Percy – Australian Professional Golfer

“Research has proven that 85% of golf swing learning is visual. This being the case, the SQRDUP alignment tool does a better job giving feedback on your alignment than any tool I have used in my last 40 years of teaching.”

— Dr. Jim Suttie – 2000 National PGA Teacher of the Year

“Never realized my lower body alignment was so far off until I watched a video I made with SQRDUP while practicing putting. I’ve been working hard at correcting the issue. Happy to say I (my partner and I) just won the Colorado PGA Four Ball Championship today and I putted great the entire event. Maybe it’s the 1st SQRDUP professional win!?!? Thanks again!”

— Blake Sharamitaro – PGA Director of Instruction at Riverdale GC

“SQRDUP has the ability to change the way the golfer sees the shot and executes. Truly a game changer that focuses on golf’s most basic setup principles. You can only get better and more consistent by using this product.”

— Philip Nelson – Golf Instructor & College Golf Coach

“We at Kingdom have also been thoroughly impressed by this innovative device. It is easy to use and exceptionally helpful to low- and high- handicappers alike.”

— Kingdom Golf Magazine

“Phenomenal, my buddies are calling me “Eagle Eye”! Teaches you to putt correctly.”

— Ian M. Just Your Average Golfer Denver, CO

“Of all the items I saw yesterday at OCN that one would consider “NEW” yours stood out. Simple, Practical, Realistic.”

— John Hughes, PGA Master Professional

“SQRDUP is a good product. It’s a sophisticated piece of equipment yet extremely simple and easy to use. There’s no player that wouldn’t benefit from using this product.”

— Steve Lidinsky, Lead Instructor at Martin Hall Golf Academy & Ibis Golf & Country Club

“I thought the SQRDUP laser alignment product was one of the most useful, coolest products I saw at the show.”

— John Hamm Author of Unusually Excellent